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the george w. bush administration took office in 2001, the altair voyager was caed the condoleezza rice. dr. rice was a long time board member of chevron when george w. bush hired her to be the national security adviser. she had a tanker named after her. yeah, the former oil executive president picked the ceo of halliburton to be vice president and the board member of a chevron who had a tanker named after her to be national security advicer. it was a different time. pity poor chevron because when the bush administration took office, chevron faced the prospect of having one of its oil tankers floating around the middle east or off the coast of nigeria or something with the american national security adviser's name painted in big letters on the side of their tanker. that's awkward. that was awkward even before iraq. so chevron decided in 2001 they would change the name of the condoleezza rice. it would no longer be the condoleezza rice, it would instead being the altair voyager, which is the name of a star, a noncontroversial star. now the woman who once had her name painted or so it would s
george w. bush's drunk driving arrest that was revealed that began before the 2000 campaign and came close to costing him the election. romney has more people. they did this with him -- as smart people. they did this with him. things like the swiss bank accounts, bermuda, luxemburg, the tax rates -- romney went right through the stop sign. his self-absorption with money was so deep and pervasive -- this is a man who has been running for president for most of the 21st century. this is not something that just jumped out at him. he has allowed barack obama to put him squarely on the defensive. as far as jobs are concerned, one figure to remember. there were more jobs created last year under barack obama in the private sector that under the eight years of george w. bush's presidency in the private sector. >> even "the wall street journal" editorial-page said that romney has squandered this summer because he let obama define him as a wealthy elite is, and then they excoriated him for allowing him to be shown on his jets be in front of the mansion on the lake. >> the president's plan is no
george w. bush, george w. bush, george w. bush. car going back in the ditch and conde is driving it. >> dana: think of the video. >> andrea: exactly. one romney source told me months ago the goal of their campaign was to do no harm. and i think if they are going to do no harm, they will go with a safe bet, someone like rob portman, someone like -- >> eric: can i? >> andrea: very boring. >> eric: that is the problem with the romney campaign. >> bob: right. >> eric: i mentioned in the "a" block. they are defending boos, defending bank, defending bain. >> dana: not alcohol. >> eric: get off the defensehe . >> bob: you don't -- >> greg: they need alan west. it would blow everybody up. >> bob: it certainly would. >> dana: including bob's head. >> bob: if you are trying to become president don't play it safe. if you are incumbent, you say yes. the way they are doing this, if they take portman, it's not, vice presidents don't give you much. we know that. maybe a few points. rubio could give you a few points and win florida. the rest of the people -- >> andrea: playing a safe is a theme we
romney. secondly, her whole connection is with george w. bush, whose foreign policy and war in iraq are considered a disaster. they cost the republican party both houses in 2006, and the presidency in 2008. why would you do it? what exactly does she bring some what state does she bring? >> because of the cabinet post that she held, the fact that she worked for sandy berger, colin powell, bob zoellick. >> she didn't work for sandy berger, did she? >> she was part of sandy berger's generation. >> i don't think she's that old. >> i'm not an authority on herbicide okay grief. she worked at the hoover institution. the woman is a brilliant woman. >> when we were with nixon in '68, there was a point where he was way down. he was tied with humphrey, and you take the safe pick. >> is it safe to say that everybody on this panel is poo- pooing, except me, a possible candidacy? >> yes. >> as a running mate? >> not as a rung mate. she's phot got many great qualifications but not for this ticket. >> not for this particular. >> poo-pooing. >> okay who will be romney's vice presidential running mat
presidents not doing this. but george w. bush did it, john mccain did it and presidential candidates did it. i think republicans need to end this tradition of appearing before the naacp to try and reach black voters. the type of black voters who may be open to voting republican are not at naacp conventions. you can go into communities and visit churches and visit small businesses. you can visit charter schools and so forth. you can advertise on black radio and black television programming. that's how you can reach people. there is no need to go before groups like this and try and seek black votes that way. i don't think it has been a very good strategy. >> what about getting credit? does he get credit foregoing into the liberal group like this saying, look, here is my argument on health care. here is my argument on education. get credit for bravery for reaching out and saying these are my convictions. you need to hear these. >> i just think his time and effort would be better spent on more persuadable people than who he is addressing there. he said all of the right things. >> amazing. >> th
're not going to say george w. bush's name in ear shot o a repter is thi allee ofhat e rublin partis. weave tald abo inhe primyeasobout t kdf ral, sohernrighwing base a how is a relatively moderate rich guy going to sort of pull along thoseopulous rightingers, but the real chleng i tnk isotust shing ose up, tt'sartf it buthe oth rl chaenge is h do w mane t ft th theastepubcan presentas not ronald reagan. it was george w. bush. thers a real record of republican disions and those are all disiorom t licyo th ductn of a soci safy net torei poli thaooksrecily le e rerd tha mt romy was toun on >>ree getting close to a point where romney starts positiveting to defending bush/cheney w al of t vise, thdick chey thg, thfloa of the cdoleza ce tng, ich an't says om theomnemign, a they getting close to saying the bush sla bush/chaina years are good years? >> don tnk 13pprol r di cney -- thas whe heas whe h ft fice >> w sawhe bumr ic, do you miss me yet? ihink the re-sounding -- >> everybody is like, no. >> no, in fact, no. >> no, thas f king >> exacy. >> melsa hrisrry,hank you r beghe. thnew missaarri he per
for president george w. bush. paul begala is a democratic strategist and adviser to a pro-obama super pac. paul, let's begin with you. as you've heard, the obama campaign was basically saying mitt romney is either a criminal or he's a liar. and romney's campaign is calling on the obama campaign to apologize. saying it's demeaning to the office of the president. do you think, in fact, an apology is necessary, paul? >> no, toughen up, mitt. this is campaigns. this is politics. here's what thomas jefferson campaign said about john adams. they called him a hideous her farm ra diedic character. adams said worse things about jefferson. if you're not tough enough to stand up to stephanie cutter, how are you going to stand up to vladimir putin, i mean, come on. >> even if it turns out to be completely untrue, what they say. >> no, this is completely true. there are signed documents that list him as the ceo. there are other documents that he signed that are sworn that said he had nothing to do with the company at the time. his public financial disclosure documents. one of them is wrong. either he was th
're look at is much more the george w. bush campaign in 2004. >> the accusations that john kerry -- >> reporter: he's talking about the swiftboat campaign. in which john kerry was demonized over what his campaign considered an attribute. his decorated service as a soldier in vietnam. the swiftboat ads, backed by a group of pro-bush veterans, questioned the democratic challenger's conduct in the war, his anti-war activities later and his patriotism. kerry was slow to respond and never very effective in refuting their claims. even though his critics offered little in the way of proof. he lost the election of course. for many democrats, swiftboating became a catch-all term for any unfair, untrue, personal assault on a candidate. >> romney's companies -- >> reporter: but if the president is troubled by the comparison of his bain attacks to the republican swiftboating, he's not showing it. >> when you're president, everything is called into question. >> reporter: romney has been spurred to hit back fast. >> as much as a presidential election is a referendum on the incumbent, the cllen
establishment becoming secretary of state under president george w. bush. >> condi is very interesting, very skilled in foreign policy, very charismatic. a lot of people like her. she'sen seen as a political figure -- she's not seen as a political figure which is a plus and has never been a candidate which is a minus. >> another potential minus, she was at the center of a number of bush administration controversies and when it comes to social issues, she may be left to the party's base. most running mates are not chosen until right before the party convention which is a month away. so is all this hype about condoleezza rice just that, hype? republican strategist jack burkeman joined us earlier today on fox 5. i asked if there was any chance romney would choose condoleezza as his running mate. >> no, zero. the reason is just what you said. she's left of center on social issues. it would be almost impossible. the most important thing for romney is that he get a solid social conservative because the big problem has is the conservative evangelical base doesn't like him. so if you go with someone
. >> pt ofhis intesti ke wcan'stannexto ly orick eneywe'rnot ing to say george w. bush's name in ear shot of a reporter is this challenge of what the republican pay curntlys. weave lkedboutt inhe imarseas abo theind mol, sther rig-win ba, anhow a rativy dera ricguy ing sor of pull along those populous right wingers, but the real chleng i tnk inot st owinthosup, at'sart it, t thotherealhallge howo weanagthe ct at t lasrepuican pridenwas t rold rgan. waseorgw. bh. thers a al rord republican decisions and those are all decisions from tax poli to e rectioof a soci safy neto feign licyhat oks ecisy li the cordhat tt rney nts runn. >> a we ttinclosto a int ere mneytart pivoting to defending bush/cheney w all of the advirs, e di chey thg, thfloaof t conleez ri thi, whh i n't y is fromhe rney mpai, ar thetti close to saying that the bush cheney years were good years? >> i don't tnk 13% approval for dick cheney -- >> that's wherhe was when he ft oice. we w thbump stiers, ir ear on inhe obama administration, do you miss me yet? i think the re-sounding -- >> evebody is like, no. no,n fa, no >> n
that he would not be george w. bush, part ii. >> he was very strong on that specific point. good work, as usual. thanks so much, jim acosta, reporting. president obama also is talking about romney's involvement with bain capital. listen to this. >> it is not that he is disqualified because of what he's done. it is, if that's your main claim, seasons he doesn't talk about the fact that he was governor of massachusetts for four years very much. >> or ran the olympics. >> then i want us to make sure that we know what your theory is about how to grow the economy. >> the president is on the road, obviously, once again. he's pouring attention on critical battleground states at the same time. let's go to our correspondent dan lothian. he's joining us right now. on this specific issue of romney, bain capital,o outsourcing, i take it the obama campaign thinks they have a winning issue? >> reporter: they certainly do, wolf. they're looking at polling out there and they get the sense that the american people are buying this message and certainly keeping romney guessing. and on the offensive, hav
governor george w. bush running against al gore pledged to give that money back to the taxpayers. >> we don't believe the surplus is the government's money. we know the surplus is the people's money. we're going to send some of that money back to the people that pay the bills. >> and send it back he did. when he became president through temporary tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 known as the bush tax cuts. the first of those tax cuts were set to expire back in 2010 but the economy was still shaky back then so vice president biden and senator mitch mcconnell struck a deal to extend them for two more years for everyone. now those tax cuts are set to expire again at the end of this year. it is part of the so-called fiscal cliff that economists are warning the u.s. could go over if congress doesn't deal with it. president obama says let's extend them for another year but and this is the key point, not for everyone, just for what he calls the middle class, families earning less than $250,000 per year or individuals earning less than 200,000. >> i believe that we should make sure the taxes on the 98% of
count out and hurt your campaign. and it happened obviously with george w. bush in 2000 on the eve of that election in 2000, a close race it was revealed that he had been arrested for drunk driving, convicted 24 years earlier. and it became a problem. mitt romney, they've done this with mitt romney. not that there is anything of a criminal nature in his background. he made the decision he is not going to reveal. i mean nobody has ever run for president with a swiss bank account. i mean steve forbes did but-- . >> woodruff: but again you're referring to the tax return. >> ed tax returns, i just think it's all of a piece and i just think it's a problem. mitt romney should not be on the defensive, he's on its defensive. >> the response on bain in particular is easy but it's not politically popular, which is bain invested in companies that added jobs and expanded, invested in companies that reduced labor costs, by outsourcing, both domestic and international and invested in companies that closed and fired a lot of people. you know, that if you are disturbed by that, are you disturbed b
was appointed by president george w. bush to head the federal deposit insurance corporation, the fdic. now as senior advisor to the pew charitable trust, sheila bair has just organized a private group of financial experts called the systemic risk council. among its members, former fed chairman paul volcker, former senators bill bradley and alan simpson, john reed, once the chairman of citigroup, and brooksley born, the former cftc chairman who back in the 1990s accurately predicted an economic meltdown. its mission, to prevent the banking industry from scuttling the reforms created by the dodd-frank act, and, hopefully, prevent another crash. she has a book coming out in late september about the need for reform called "taking the bull by the horns." she's also written two books for children about money and entrepreneurship. "rock, brock and the savings shock" and "isabel's car wash." sheila bair, welcome. >> thank you. happy to be here. >> if you were trying to help some of those young people that you write for, understand this business called libor, how would you begin? what's the "once u
to the president as "your president." i did not agree with everything he did, but george w. bush was my president. i never voted for him, but ma -- ronald reagan was my president. i disagreed with him most of the time, but george h. w. bush was my president. i am sad that in this country, that for whatever reason we do not have one president at represents all of us. i think we should get beyond that rhetoric, and frankly, beyond this bill, to talk about what really matters in this country, which is jobs, as you said. >> i am amazed at how much congressman fox and i have in common. i think the thing that bothers me about what she said is this notion of freedom. my idea of freedom is freedom of speech, freedom of religion. it is not the freedom to not have health care. the problem is, i really look at it as a responsibility point of view. republicans often talk about that. in other words, it is not fair, if you will, that people not take responsibility for their own lives. why should so many of us be paying these large premiums and bills for people who do not decide to have health care? -- health i
, it was in the 1988 when the first george bush but ronald reagan set it in motion, i mean, allele bot agnd -ey ob, kn cis w,gh mpared to ore republicans. other republicans. but the reparation at that point was $20,000 to each japanese-american family which if you think about it, right, lo fheri,arei of theseolks eeld,ir it arouw? and many of the young men who were then drafted out of the camps, you know, i mean, that's crazy, you know? you imprisoned my family, then you're going to ask me -- well, youmprison me me fr nt aousk urmoych't take part of? i understand 20,000 is a lot -- i'd take $20,000 right now, but, you know, it was such a gesture, you know, kind of a it is in this time of model minority and, manehe cf years after the by we put those people to rest, we'll keep them quieter by giving them 20,000. my feeli on reparations was, you know, the investme in education that we have been talking about. i was thinking throughou this whole past centu when we're pped to be the li yw,ve llhetum any century, right? and we've been in a war in asia since the 1940s. i mean, you could include the phil
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)